Help and Tips

Can I suggest new icons or improvements?

Sure! We’re constantly making updates, general improvements in style, and add more icons.

  • Tweet me your icon suggestions

  • Email me at

How to change the icon color?

The easiest way is to use our Streamline App: Select an icon, then use the color picker top of the right color to change the color. You can now export the icon with the selected color as SVG, PDF or PNG (for premium account owners).

Are you on Mac OSX? The easiest way is to use Iconjar to modify icon colors in seconds.

Changing colors with Iconjar

Are you a designer? Change the color in a vector graphic program, like Illustrator, Figma, Affinity designer or Sketch, then export it as .svg .png .pdf

Changing the icon color with Adobe Illustrator

Are you a developer? Change the color through the CSS declaration, by setting a a color for the “currentColor” value used in the .svg files.

Change the “currentColor” value to modify the color

How to easily export icons at a new size of file type.

Use Iconjar, as all our icons are provided as Iconjar files. Just select the icons you want, pick the sizes you prefer, pick the file format you want and click export!

Exporting icons with Iconjar

Which vector graphic software should I use?

To open the vector files and modify the icons, you need a vector graphic software. Here is a selection of the most used.

Figma | Free The collaborative interface design tool. Quickly rising as a new industry standard. Simple, fast, with new features added at a fast pace.

Sketch | $99 Cheaper and a bit easier than Illustrator. Focused on prototyping and interface design, but it’s also a good software to edit icons.

Affinity Designer | $39 For $39, this is an incredible value. Affinity designer got great features, excellent interface and is easy to use.

Illustrator | From $19/month Illustrator was the first graphic vector software, and is still an industry standard. We use it exclusively to design our Streamline icons, as no other software offer as many features for icon designers. But it’s the priciest option, and it’s a bit hard to use at first.

All these apps got a free trial, try before you buy!

For an in-depth study of the best software, read this article from Scott Lewis: Illustrator, Affinity Designer, or Sketch: Which is Best for Icon Design?

Improve your workflow with Iconjar

If you work on a Mac, Iconjar is the best way to work with icons. we provide our icons as Iconjar files, so you can find icons in seconds, export them as .SVG .PDF .PNG .GIF …or to simply change the icon color.

Do you have a coupon to buy iconjar?

We have a long time partnership with the creators of Iconjar (we are big fans of it!), so we got you an exclusive 20% discount to buy Iconjar. You will receive the coupon after you’ve purchased yourStreamline pack.

Is there an iconjar for Windows?

Unfortunately, there is nothing like the Iconjar app for Windows. But we are working on creating a web application that allows you to browse and search our Streamline icons, thanks to the amazing Clément Sauvage 🙌 Note that this app will only work for the Streamline icons, and you cannot import your own icons.

First peek at the web app we are building to search and browse icons

The best workflow for Sketch

Install icon files as libraries

1- Open Sketch preferences, navigate to the Libraries tab, and choose Add Library…

2- Select the Sketch file and click Open

3- Now you’re ready to start using the Streamline icons in any Sketch 47+ document

Install Sketch Runner

1- Download and install the Sketch Runner plugin

2- Once the Streamline icons library is installed, launch Sketch Runner with “, select Insert tab, type an icon name, and hit return to choose symbol

Add symbols

1- Once the Streamline library is installed, insert any symbol right from the Insert Symbol menu icon

2- Quickly replace a symbol from the Overrides menu

Use the search field located at the bottom of the Layers panel.

Tips for using SVG

Changing icon color

Change the color through the CSS declaration, by setting a a color for the .currentColor value used in the .svg files.

Change stroke width

SVGs have a “stroke-width” attribute that can be set on the .svg tag directly or with CSS.

Read this article for more details about the benefits of using SVG stroke.

Check also SVG for absolute beginners by Rob Levin

Scale strokes when changing icon size

Set the .vector-effect property of the SVG’s children to .non-scaling-stroke. This allows you to scale the icon without affecting the stroke width.Resizing a SVG circle with a “non-scaling-stroke” value

Thanks to Cole Bemis for these tips 🙏🏻

Is there a Streamline icon font?

Nope. With over 10,000 icons per weight the icon font would be huge, and hard to use 🤯

To create your icon font, I recommend this workflow instead:

  • Use Iconjar to search and select icons that you want to use, then export them as SVG in a folder. All my icons are now also provided as iconjar files, and each icon is tagged with up to 8 tags, so it’s very easy to find the right icon.

  • After you have selected your SVG icons, import them in Icomoon. You can create your own icon font in minutes, and you will have a very lightweight and tailored icon font.

  • Even better, use Icomoon to export the icons as SVG sprites. This is a better approach than using icon font, see why here: Icon Fonts vs SVGs - Which One Should You Use In 2018?

How to import files in an iconfont/SVG sprite generator?

To import icons in an icon font generator, like Icomoon, use the “expanded” version, that you can find here for the line version:

You don’t need a special version for the Bold version, as it’s expanded by default.

Do I need a license for creating an icon font?

You don’t need a license to create an icon font, as long as you include less than 100 icons in that font.

What is the difference between SVG and SVG Expanded files?

We provide each icon SVG in 2 SVG version files:

  • SVG with adjustable stroke width. You can control the line thickness via CSS values.

  • SVG Expanded. Mainly for creating icon fonts with generators like Icomoon. These icons are not made from lines, but are “expanded” into filled forms.

I already have Font Awesome, why should I use Streamline icons?

Font Awesome is amazing 👍🏻 They have great tools and workflow for developers. Although it’s good to have an icon library with a different style (and a ton more icons :-)

Font Awesome get only 1,877 icons, where Streamline icons got 10,500. With our icon library you won’t need to scout around to find a missing icon.

Only Streamline got strokes that you can change thickness, so you can adjust the thickness of our icons. Font Awesome icons are expanded, you have no way to modify their thickness.

You should have both. It’s like having different typefaces available on your computer 😇